Regular Events

Due to Government regulations, most of our activities are temporarily suspended.

Typical Weekly diary

• Morning Service at 10.30am
SALT groups for young people during the service

• Craft Club at 1:30pm in the Old Church
• Prayer Meeting 7.00pm to 8.00pm in the Church Meeting Room

• Parent & toddlers group, Tiddlers, at 10:00am in the Church Hall
• Ladies Bible study at 10:30am (2nd Tues every month)

• Home groups (every other week)

• Senior Citizens 2:00pm (once a month)
• Bible Study at 8:00 in the Church (every other week)


• Beginners at 4.30pm in the Old Church
• Friday Club at 5:45pm in the Old Church
• Live Wires, Turning Point & YFG at 7:15pm in the Old Church

• Prayer Meeting at 7:00am in the Church Hall
• Men’s breakfast at 9:00am in the Old Church (bi-monthly)

Church Services

10:30am Sunday Morning Service

The service takes the form of praise and worship and the preaching of God’s word

The children join us for the first half of the service, then they go to their own groups for various activities and teaching until the end of the service

There is a crèche facility for younger children and the babies in the adjoining meeting room, where parents can hear and see the service.

On the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month, the morning service includes communion.

After the morning service, you are welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee and meet other people coming to the church.

Family Services

There are also family services, often at special times in the Christian calendar, for example Christmas, Easter, Harvest, etc.

Senior Citizens services

For senior citizens there is a monthly opportunity to sing traditional hymns and songs, hear about other people’s experiences and enjoy fellowship over a cup of tea.

The senior citizens services are normally at 2:00 pm on the last Thursday of the month in the church.

Children & youth pages

Already on the website

Opportunity for Prayer

People of St Andrew’s Church believe that God hears our prayers

Prayer meetings

Every Monday at 8:00pm there is a prayer meeting room in the church meeting room, which gives the opportunity to pray for worldwide situations as well as local personal concerns.

Every Saturday at 7:00am there is a prayer meeting in the Church Hall, which gives the opportunity to pray for revival.

There are also smaller prayer groups that focus on particular issues or needs.

Pastor’s surgery

The pastor of the church is available for discussion in the church on Wednesday 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Learning more
Bible Study

On the 1st, 3rd & 5th (when it occurs) there is a meeting in the church at 8:00pm, where various books of the Bible are studied.

Ladies Bible study

A daytime Bible study group for ladies meets twice a month in the homes of the members of the group.

Home Groups

There are several home groups that meet every fortnight in the homes of church members during the day or in the evening. The groups discuss a particular topic and support and encourage each other in their life and faith.

Getting to know people
Men’s breakfast

The men meet bi-monthly at 9:00am on Saturday mornings to enjoy a hearty breakfast and interesting stories.

Craft Club

The craft club meets at 2:00pm in the Old Church for people who are home during the day to develop existing and learn new skills, enjoy time together with a friendly group.

Ladies Meetings

The ladies meet for various social events, walks, trips to the theatre and Christian conferences.