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Surviving inter-regnum!

Tom and Wyn Hoyles

In July 2017 our Pastor retired after 21 years’ service. The search for a new Pastor began! Little did we know inter-regnum would last 3½ years! We enlisted the help of the Baptist Union who provided details of people looking for a Pastorate. We met with several, some preached with a view, but none seemed quite right for St Andrews.

Co-ordinators were appointed to oversee the Church – Danny, a Deacon and Chris a Trustee. They did a great job and we were blessed with a variety of preachers, some from the Church who had never preached before! We knew God was in control.


Short talks will continue to be put on the website, when available. Click this link.

Please continue to pray for the church and the nations. Stay in touch with one another and let your deacon know if you have any issues. You may also contact us via the Contact Page.

Youth Work

On a Sunday morning, the children go out part way through the service to a group calld SALT (St Andrew’s Learning Together).